98% of all claims filed in court settle before trial. Today, many parties use the services of a mediator to settle their cases.  Mediators are people who meet with the parties to facilitate settlement. An effective mediator must have a good background in the law and experience with courts and juries, so the mediator can give you and your opponent a “reality check” about the outcome of the case. An effective mediator also listens carefully to both parties and determines what the parties’ real goals are. An effective mediator will not only help the parties settle cases, but will help ensure the mediation is a positive experience for each party.  We provide mediation services to parties. Deborah Bucknam has received  certification in “Advanced Negotiation: Difficult Conversations” from the Harvard Negotiation Institute, an Institute sponsored by Harvard Law School. With her 38 years experience in litigating all types of cases, she can help mediate your dispute.

“I hold Deborah Bucknam in the highest esteem. She has helped me and my family during very stressful and trying events in our lives and I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job. She has a great combination of compassion and strength. I would highly recommend her as an attorney.”