Why did I start a Vermont Family Law blog?

>Hello…I have been practicing Vermont Family Law since 1979. I thought a Vermont Family Law blog might be a good forum to discuss Family Law issues ( a topic of some passion to many Vermonters), and to pass on some opinions and thoughts of my own.

A BIG DISCLAIMER: I cannot and will not give legal advice to anyone through this blog. My advice to anyone seeking specific help for a legal problem is this: Talk to a lawyer. A lawyer can only give good advice if he/she knows all the facts, and that can only occur if you sit down in front of a lawyer and discuss the issues. I know that talking to a lawyer may not be your idea of a fun couple of hours, and you may not want to pay for that unpleasant experience –who wants to pay a couple of hundred dollars an hour to go over painful subjects with a stranger, you ask–, but here is why, and how it can be a little less painful: First, you are not only a client, but a customer, and you should expect good, compassionate service. So don’t be intimidated by the lawyer–He/she is providing a service to you just like other skilled service people–plumbers, auto mechanics, carpenters. Second, you do not have to hire an attorney for life: all family lawyers I know will gladly provide consultation for you even if you cannot afford to hire the lawyer to represent you in court. It is a good investment. Family break-ups not only involve major life changing issues for you and your family, and also involve major financial issues. A consultation with a lawyer can save you money in the long run.
Well, this is my first attempt at blogging. I hope some of you will find it useful. Cheers!